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Training strategies which lend themselves to enhancing moral sensitivity may include role-playing exercises to sensitize pre-service teachers to professional dilemmas (like the one that began this essay) and related strategies to make professionals aware that their actions affect others.

In addition, moral judgment training strategies might include the direct teaching of criteria for making professional moral judgments in cases involving informed consent, paternalism or breaches of confidentiality.

Hence, it is no small matter whether one habit or another is inculcated in us from early childhood; on the contrary, it makes..the difference" (1962, pp. Clearly, the business world expects a basic understanding and practice of ethical behavior from its workers as they enter the workforce.

It would seem that this is developing into an area of greater interest to the profession. Ethics in teacher education: Are we accountable for our product? Retrieved June 12, 2003 from Field_Experiences/forms/Codeof Ethics.

Called the Four-Component Model of Moral Maturity, the program assumes that moral behaviors are built on a series of component processes (Bebeau, Rest, & Narvaez, 1999).

Each component is clearly defined, and educational goals, teaching strategies and assessment methods can be derived from those definitions.

Teachers with a high level of moral professionalism have a deep obligation to help students learn.

According to Wynne (1995), teachers with that sense of obligation demonstrate their moral professionalism by: * coming to work regularly and on time; * being well informed about their student-matter; * planning and conducting classes with care; * regularly reviewing and updating instructional practices; * cooperating with, or if necessary, confronting parents of underachieving students; * cooperating with colleagues and observing school policies so the whole institution works effectively; * tactfully, bur firmly criticizing unsatisfactory school policies and proposing constructive improvement.

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