Are jeremy sumpter and rachel hurd wood dating

Jeremy Robert Myron Sumpter (born February 5, 1989) is an American actor.

His prominent roles include the title role in the 2003 live action film Peter Pan, Jacob in the 2014 disaster film Into the Storm, and the recurring role of J. Mc Coy in the NBC television series Friday Night Lights (2008–2010).

6' 1" is generous when you consider that he had his big growth spurt during Peter Pan.

Plus, he is nearly 17 now and isn't likely to grow much more.

like i said, she is by no means hideous, but on all counts i fail to see what the big deal is here.oh, and i think that jeremy could easily be almost 6' today.

i'm already sick and tired of seeing people with their heads up her ass.i'm just amazed that katie is still posting here, if i were her i'd have requested my photos be taken down and ran as fast i could in the opposite as Jason said you guys are acting as though you've just spent 30 years in prison and katie is the first female you've seen in certainly is not ugly, but from reading what people write i'd think she was inhumanly perfect creature of god that had descended from the a regular basis(mall, on the street, at work), i see dozens upon dozens of girls who i think eclipse kate in terms of physical attractiveness.said on 5/Dec/07Click Here Either Justin is only 5'11 or Jeremy is 6 or 6'1 ... said on 13/Dec/05Jeremy's Official Website, of which he or his agent pays to host, says his height is 6'.Jeremy looks 5'11.5 with Katie and looks taller then Jt by .5 inch or at least same height... said on 8/Nov/07I met Jeremy Sumpter in 2005 when he was 16 and he was about 1-2 inches taller than me. If he had an 8-inch growth spurt while filming Peter Pan, I'm sure he didn't stop at 16. That Web address: Rob: hey, it's been updated now ;) I think it was 5ft 11 for a long while...] said on 14/Nov/05I don't think he grew that much. He was just the most amazing, enthusiastic, fun-loving, adventurous, not to mention hot, kid, and you wished you could be Wendy so you could go on epic adventures with him all across Neverland.It's been 12 years since hit theaters, and unlike the forever-young Peter Pan, Jeremy Sumpter grew up.

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