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This is also the only album in which the group promoted without its leader Leeteuk, who was in the middle of his mandatory military service.

The group went into a two-year hiatus starting in 2015 after the release of their special albums "Devil" and "Magic", as five (Shindong, Sungmin, Eunhyuk, Donghae, Siwon) out of eleven active members were to be enlisted in the military, with two (Ryeowook, Kyuhyun) following them in 20.

However, in October 2009, member Kangin was charged with a DUI and hit-and-run, and in December of the same year, Hankyung filed for contract termination due to unlawful contract provisions.

Hankyung left the group permanently, while Kangin returned to the group after his military service, went on hiatus once again in 2016 after another DUI, and later left the group in 2019.

Without doubt, their most popular track is their best-selling single "Sorry, Sorry", which became South Korea's best-selling album of 2009, and the best-selling Korean pop album in Taiwan, Thailand, and China.

I can’t even say anything I’m about to explode It’s too late to say That I’m saying this out of heat (what) So I’m only lingering around you I can give you the world If only you come to me I can give you the world Just say it I’ll do anything for you yeah From the long spring To the summer that just came Thinking bout you baby Yeah A night hotter Than the July sun Like all weekends It’ll probably coo down But today, it’ll be different All the emotions I pushed back I’ll tell you today I hope We’ll be ok I pushed back the UMF tickets That I’ve been waiting for And I’m on my way to see you baby I put on some perfume I put on my expensive Jordans Then I get a call from you “I don’t think I can go out today” I can give you the world If only you come to me I can give you the world Just say it I’ll do anything for you yeah From the long spring To the summer that just came Thinking bout you baby Yeah Among the coming and going people I’m all alone The fleeting night is comforting (BUT) if it’s not today, I don’t think I can So I’m pressing your phone number If I hesitate more I might see another girl next to you So I’ll be careful And I’ll tell you as if it’s not my story I was denying it, saying I don’t know Then two seasons have passed us Even in this moment, I miss you I need to be sure Now stop If I say it in May I might seem impatient If it’s next June It’s obvious you’ll be busy So I came this far I know I’m not just a friend anymore You already know So what I’m saying is You’re fine. The song collected ten number-one awards for ten consecutive weeks in Korea, and stayed as number one for 37 weeks in Taiwanese music charts.However, even before "Sorry, Sorry", the group was already considered a success in Korea. became popular for singing in original soundtracks for Korean Drama series. " instantly became a domestic hit, while Super Junior-M's popularity in China instantly rose up after appearing in variety shows.Heechul, whose leg was fractured in an accident in 2006, was not able to promote on music shows for the repackaged album "REPLAY" in 2018 due to the increasing severity of his leg pain, and will also not participate in music shows for the 2018 mini album.Members Zhoumi and Henry were added to the sub-unit Super Junior-M in 2008, but due to the mostly negative reactions from Korean fans, the two were not added to the official Super Junior lineup.

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