Are ciera ad 50cent dating

I'm not really sure who Bow Wow cheated with but I heard that it was a stripper but whoever it was i hope they get sent to prison because now Ciara is with that ugly man 50 cent feel me.

"I felt 50 was perfect because of his persona and the way he moves on a record. We didn't [record in the studio] together, but he is a sweet person." Not so sweet is NFL superstar Reggie Bush, or at least the character he plays in Ciara's new video for "Like a Boy." He hasn't been doing right, and she wants to turn the tables. "I was really going hard with trying to make the lyrics come to life.

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The very single 21-year-old singer is denying speculation that she and the G-Unit general have something going on besides music, despite rumors that the two were spotted riding together through Queens, New York, a few weeks ago. I have moments when I'm like, it would be great to have somebody there.

"I'm single," she said recently, after a taping of "TRL" in the MTV studios. Then I have moments when I say, 'I'm 21 and I'm single and I have to enjoy myself.' But I am one person who enjoys love. I'm looking forward to that day when Prince Charming is in my life. But one of my goals is to have a solid family and have kids.

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