Aol 9 5 restarting issue updating

For a quite a lot of users, Windows 10 is getting stuck on the restart screen (forever) while trying to manually restart their PCs.

Even for me, especially since upgrading to Windows 10, the OS just doesn’t do anything until it’s hard to reset and will just sit there unless intervened.

My Samsung Galaxy Note 5 (#Samsung #Galaxy Note5) is just 2 months old but it keeps restarting on its own.

The reboots happen many times a day regardless of what I’m doing.Find ones that are related to yours and use the solutions we suggested.If they won’t work for you, then fill up this form and hit the Submit button to contact us.After the installation, the phone rebooted just like every other update but this time, it took the device several minutes to become active again.What I mean is that it was unresponsive for several minutes after the automatic reboot that I couldn’t use it; I couldn’t even turn it off as it won’t respond.

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