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The city is divided into 2 boroughs (raions) - Sosnivskiy (with Orshanets village) and Pridniprovskiy.

The current population of Cherkasy is 285,526 (as of 2010). This can be explained by the fact that the city was forming under the Russian (and later - USSR) rule, that's why some periods in the life of Cherkasy still remain undiscovered (a lot of facts were hidden; documents and material proofs were destroyed).

In 1384 the city is mentioned as fortified town on the South edge (of Grand Duchy of Lithuania), along with Vinnitsa, Bratslav and Kaniv making defensive line from Crimean Tatars.

After October revolution in 1917 Cherkasy got under the rule of bolshevikis.

After the railroad appeared in the city, a lot of new industrial enterprises were built.

Sugar, tobacco, metalwork, mechanical engineering and trade industries were at peak development at that time.

After that, however, the city changed its rule for at least 10 times - during the civil war it was conquered by hetman Pavlo Skoropadskyi, then again by bolshevikis, later by Nikifor Grigoriev.

On January 1, 1920, the city finally and for long time got under Soviet rule.

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