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It’s weird that [hairless] is what’s neutral: In order to not think about it, I have to do an action.

But it seems like the path of least resistance in public, so it’s fine.

And I proceeded to shave my whole body and get the worst razor burn of my life.

So For the next few months, I explored everything: I had one of those epilator devices that would just pull the hairs out; I tried wax; I tried all different things.

So before I go out to a play party, or before I’m planning a big date, I’ll always be sure to remove all of my hair just so I feel nice and sexy about it.

I’m heading to a party tonight; it’s a party that’s a BDSM and sex party just for women and trans people.

swanswanhummingbird: Swan Swan Hummingbird scours the earth for women who have that “shine” that you know you love.

I have 50 updates a day of the most attractive women in the world. swanswanhummingbird: Swan Swan Hummingbird scours the earth for women who have that “shine” that you know you love.

I do my chest because I still get a little bit of hair there.

Sometimes I trim [my pubic hair]; sometimes I shave. I like there to be less hair in the way during sex. But I’m not interested in having no hair, I don’t think, and waxing just feels like an appointment to make and a thing to do, and I’m just not going to do it.

[I’ve waxed before] just once to see [what it was like], and I liked having the skin-on-skin sensation, but it’s not a thing I’m going to do.

I am performing professionally [as a dancer] in a small amount of clothing some of the time, and even then I don’t really think about if some [hair] is showing — it’s fine.

The artistic community I have is super progressive about all body things, so no one really is thinking about it or looking for it.

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I genuinely have no preference for the body hair of my partners; whatever grooming people like to do for themselves, I’m into.

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