Accomodating person

We need people who will snark and be sarcastic bastards and have some semblance of a personality beyond that of an overly sugary custard.

Be honest: what kind of person would you rather hang out with on a Friday night?

Nice people are boring as mashed potato and white bread sandwiches.

Yeah, okay, a nice person can be tolerable for a short period of time, but the constant saccharine sweetness can be overwhelmingly irritating.

One fine day, all of that will build up to the point where they can’t contain it anymore, and they’ll end up having a nervous breakdown or psychotic episode, and that is a hellish mess for everyone involved to clean up.

How many times must a child have put on a big smile and refrained from playing up in an attempt to negotiate a treat from an adult?

Heck, parents even encourage this behavior by bargaining with their children and giving them rewards for being good.

One bite of triple-chocolate cake is okay, but an entire slice of it (let alone half the gateau) will make you nauseated.

It’s appreciated when people are nice to us, but we also need to be challenged.

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They maintain a façade of selflessness and servitude, putting other people’s needs ahead of their own, and demand to be lavished with appreciation and praise for their behavior in return.

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