Accommodating female and sex

While that’s not 100% bad advice, our society definitely took it and ran with it.

I get on much better with guys so I would probably feel a bit lonely in single sex accommodation but at the same time - I know it's being stereotypical - I find the guys are the ones that tend to be messiest and make the most noise. I'm not saying there aren't a lot of girls who are messy and plenty of men who are tidy and clean but I think the extreme messiness tends to come from guys most of all.

I'd probably still go for mixed sex if I got to choose again, but I'd just hope this time that I'd end up with people who don't intentionally turn their music up even louder because they know it annoys me. It really does vary person to person, I've seen all girl flats (single sex accommodation) where it's far worse than anything I've seen with all guys, and I also know guys who are just damn lazy too! Girls tend to not have pizza boxes/empty bottles/dirty pants piling up everywhere or if they do, it tends to get cleaned up more often than once a term.

The lowdown on mixed sex vs single sex is 1) no male not even the gay ones wants single sex accommodation (gay males have female friends) 2) Some females may want single sex accommodation but as you said it may be *****y.

Well it’s not so great in the bedroom, where submission and dominance reign supreme.“Most women are submissive,” sex expert Ruwando told me in a recent interview.

“Even the women who are interested in being the ‘dom’ over a guy, or just being dominant usually all serve a submissive side, or at least the heterosexual ones do.”When women are asked to abandon that submissive side, and take a more traditionally masculine role, it’s not exactly a big turn-on for them.

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