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So many lesbians today are either afraid or embarrassed to identity as lesbians because the cursed queer community convinced them it's old fashioned and untrendy, and that lesbians are evil (bec we aren't all "hearts over parts" and bec we don't sleep with trans women.) The word queer is erasing many lesbians. Quoting limited to 3 levels deep Suffron Burrows (bisexual) had a baby with her wife. Brittenelle Frederiks (bi) has been seen only with girls.Abisha Uhl (bisexual) dates women only, and has a hot girlfriend you can only dream of. As someone above said, of course others will talk shit if you're talking shit to them.Why don't you just grab some glitter dude and come out of the closet instead of saying the same thing everyday in this thread.Grindr will let you shop for another male like you.Link removed due violation of NSFW filter Or Cara, you wish you had so much pussy as she has. Less than 6% of the bisexual population is married to women. The next stop on her tour is Los Angeles, CA where she will be premiering her brand new music video “Better.” Directly after, she will be rocking out live in the Northwest and Midwestern states of the U. After Ellen had the opportunity to not only get a behind-the-scenes look at the making of Abisha’s new video, but our staff also participated in the creation process posing as extras in several shots of the video!

I'm not an incel, you dumb male, you're the 40 ur old celibate asexual numbskull Incel. BT/queer community - that there are women who will never have anything to do with men and their self adored dicks.

Meanwhile, Kat struggles with the ups-and-downs of having her long-time girlfriend, Radhika, extremely ill in the hospital with a life-threatening disease called Wegener's Granulomatosis.

But, when Big Boss gives Kat a special gift, her chances of getting a record deal are thrown off-course when Janine exhibits signs of jealousy, and Kat realizes she needs a backup plan.

At night, she records her music at the facility with the help of her engineer friend, Remy.

Her bitchy British boss, Janine, is dating a record label owner, referred to only as Big Boss, who has an interest in signing Kat to his label.

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